Sep 14 2015

Treatment abroad

Looking for affordable quality dental treatment abroad? Hungary is a good choice! Thousands of UK patients can confirm what a good deal they made when they went on a dental holiday to Hungary. Why not combine dental treatment with your holiday abroad?

Standard of service is of high quality for a fraction of the standard UK dental costs and prices. There are a great number of dental clinics in Budapest alone that provide cosmetic dentistry services paired with consultation and after care. Zirconium dental implants are the most popular treatments in Hungary.

Dental treatment abroad - low cost dental implants. Quality at an affordable price.Our principle is to present in this article and video what La Porta Dental offer to the future patients from the UK in the field of modern and high quality dentistry in Hungary. The importance of this is bigger now than in any other time in the past.

In all our clinics we speak in English as well. The treatment is continuous, we take advantage if necessary, of every day of the visit. The guarantees we offer meet all European standards. To compare prices accurately, you have to compare the same materials, implant type, materials of the dental crowns and bridges, etc. Thus, with the prices of La Porta Dental you can now save about 60% of the cost of the UK. The trips last just a few hours, there are direct flights to Budapest from different UK cities such as London, Manchester and more. Watch our video below! To see more of this visit the dental videos website!

The reasons for the patients are very similar: receive the best dental care possible – as soon as possible – in the shortest time possible – guaranteed – and for still affordable prices. The clinics of La Porta Dental meet all these criteria and more. After you accept our treatment plan and price offer, in a week you can start the dental treatment.

The economic situation we face now, forces us to think and plan costs even more! Perhaps because of this, many times people leave their teeth to the end. This need not to be so! The smile, healthy and perfect teeth gives us a different life, a better quality of life. This is the opportunity offered by dentists and colleagues from La Porta Dental.

As a new service hair replacement or hair restoration is now a part of the LaPortaDental medical portfolio – FUE2 hair transplant technique is now available in Budapest, Hungary.

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